How to Ignore SSL in C#

If you see this error


System.Net.WebException : The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.
  ----> System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException : The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.


Disable checking for a valid SSL Signature

ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback = (sender, certificate, chain, errors) => true;


Distraction in Parallel

We recently had a retrospective and one of the things we wanted to continue was focusing on a small number of things. B24C9J3NU5UGspinning plates

The Status Quo

At the moment our board has the usual columns todo, in progress, out and done.

There is no verify as it's not ready to go out if it doesn't have tests and we release the story as soon as possible after it goes into out. We have some rules around no Friday deploys and no deploying after 4pm but for the most part it works really well.

Deploying boils down to clicking a button in TeamCity and watching a progress bar and then critically the tests pass.

Don't Cross the Streams

My grudge is that we currently have 2 streams of work in play simultaneously.  These aren't just 2 stories  on the same theme they're from completely different projects.

I've been reading a few books on lean thinking, I even wrote a post about The Phoenix Project and The Goal. In both of those books early on chaos reigns, it's only later in the books that they start to focus on throughput.

What I noted was that they concentrated on delivering a single product right through the company (single piece flow). This makes me think we shouldn't have 2 distinct features going in parallel, when we switch pairs the context switch is dramatic. We often talk about an issue only to be told by a colleague that that's the other project. I think that observation on its own adequately portrays the pain of 2 simultaneous work streams.

Divide and Conquer

Where I become unsure is when you say OK split the team into 2 distinct teams of 2 people. I won't go below 2 people for qualities sake and my own sanity. In theory this should work but there's a problem. If we assume both features are each made up multiple tasks even stories, Would we be better off having both pairs work on different tasks but on the same project. There seems to be a natural aversion to this as it will be on the same codebase. I often get told we'll be treading in each others feet, but we all know Git is fairly good at sorting these issues out, the only thing it would encourage in my mind is more regular commits and pushes which doesn't sound like a bad thing.

Road maps and Milestones

I'm currently working with a different team and they have a similar position. They have 4 road maps that are essentially categories of work eg:user facing and technical. It does seem however aside from my pair the other 2 pairs are working on the same feature (here I am working against my own ideal).

It's not how many things you start, it's how many you finish

At the higher level this is 1 team with 4 road maps and if you assume they're not the only team like that it starts to get confusing. Imagine 6 teams each with 2 projects on the go at once, we'd have 12 projects running simultaneously. You might hope that if you start 12 things simultaneously that you might then finish them all in a similar time frame. Or maybe not, some things take longer than others but the more common thing is for something to be bottlenecked by an "external" (well external to the team) bottleneck. The Goal would say identify the bottleneck and subordinate everything else to it, or we might try and swarm around the bottleneck and remove it. The temptation I often have though and we regularly yield to is to just start something else because the bottleneck is out of our control. The problem is of course that we end up spinning even more plates and it all comes crashing down as we can't cope with that many things at once.

What do others think?

So this is my thinking but I'm really curious as to what other people think on this topic. Why are we affraid of treading on each others toes, is it better to give everyone a small increment of lots of things or complete one thing, please comment and share your thoughts.




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