Developer Haiku's

For the team prize competition this time, someone came up with the idea of doing Haiku's (short Japanese poems), for why our team should win.

I was thinking what about Haiku's for developer's or software development in general. We have the SOLID principles, We have DRY and KISS. We even have Kata's and Koans. But there doesn't seem to be that many Haiku's.

What is a Haiku?

According to Wikipedia, in essence a Haiku is a cutting poem. Often made of 3 short sentances, having 5 - 7 - 5 syllables respectively. They're often associated with an image to add context to the poem. For help counting syllable's I found haikuwithteeth which seems to do an ok job of counting syllables. There's also Haiku Village which has a nice little community. You could even write a Haiku generator if just writing a Haiku's to easy.

Some examples

Here's a few attempts at making a Haiku for software development.

First fail with red rage

then rafactor with calm tranquility

then be the code green

Less is More Haiku

Mostly, more or less,

Less is almost always more,

Simple if you can.

Big up front design

optimize prematurely

agile you are not

Any better ideas?

Well that's my first stab, any more people can come up with?


LessIsMore.png (142.82 kb)

BigUpFrontDesign.png (782.74 kb)

DeveloperHaikus.png (98.99 kb)

Awesome Development Teams - Columbo

We've recently taken part in a competition at work, that meant we had to essentially say why we deserved to win. My team Columbo, of-course in my biased opinion are the best so we made this short clip to explain why we deserve the prize. Good fun making it to. please note none of this was done in work time



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